Fabric paints are a quick way to decorate a simple dyed bag. There are lots of different types of paint such as gloss, pearl and metallic that can be painted, stamped or applied using a nozzle, as shown here.

Ready-made holdall
Tin of cold-water Dylon dye
A sachet of cold dye fix
110 g (4 oz) household salt
Cabochons in red, yellow, green and orange
Fabric glue
3-D fabric paints in pink, yellow, green and orange
0.5-mm (No. 5) gutta nib

Dye the ready-made bag the colour of your choice (see page 16) and for best results, press the bag while it is still damp. Randomly arrange the cabochons over the bag avoiding two of the same colour together. Stick the cabochons in place with a dot of fabric glue. Attach the gutta nib to the bottle of 3-D paint and draw the petals in a matching colour. Decorate the petals with one or two short lines. Complete the design using the other paint colours. Leave the bag to dry flat for about 12 hours.

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