Mini Tote Bag

Mini Tote Bag

Give plain bags a personal touch with simple embellishments such as buttons, brooches or fabric motifs. You can buy ready-made bags in plain fabrics such as denim or various types of cotton fabric in white or cream.

Ready-made tote bag
Tin of cold-water Dylan dye
A sachet of cold dye fix
110 g (4 oz) household salt
10 white buttons
10 blue buttons
Cotton sewing thread in white and blue
Sewing needle

Dye the ready-made bag to the colour of your choke and for best results, press the bag while it is still damp. Choose buttons to tone in with the dyed bag and arrange on the bag until you are happy with the design. Sew on the buttons using a contrast thread and, for a neat finish around the top edge, try to stitch through the top layer of fabric only so that there is no unsightly stitching on the inside.

Mini tote bag
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